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Cute, sweet and feminine, pink is the favourite colour among young girls. But wouldn’t it look a little too saccharine on grownups? The good news is pink is the new black! We can now embrace Millennial Pink in the name of fashion!

Pantone announced Pale Dogwood as one of the hottest colours in SS 2017, whose saturation is a bit lower than that of the Rose Quartz, the colour of 2016. Millennial Pink is not just about Pale Dogwood, but rather a whole palette of gentle, quiet and soft pinks. It still retains the romantic undertone but never too sweet. Fenty, a line designed by Rihanna for Puma, is one of the powerful examples of the unlikely cool and chic result light pink can achieve. Those who want to steal a style note can check out the pinkish looks of fashion icons like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Pink is in fact a wearable colour, especially when it comes to shoes. Pick you fav from a whole universe of pink sneakers of the moment now! 

*The sneakers are now in release

#millennialpink / 06.30.2017


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