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Fashion changes, but style lasts—style like Converse, for example. How many people keep a pair in their closet and replace it only with another pair just as simple and classic as all Converse models. Like it high or low top, light or dark coloured, Converse is your skeleton key to styling—it goes perfectly with any seasonal looks. For this Fall/Winter season, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970, the classic of all classics, is reintroduced in warm seasonal hues such as sunflower, suede orange and pink, the last endorsed by no less than Shawn Yue!

No wonder it became an instant phenomenon and was sold out soon after the relaunch. So, what makes Chuck Taylor All Star 70s so special? Here is your ‘Chuck Taylor ABC’ for dummies:

Chuck Taylor All Star 70s is a Converse model with an extra dose of vintage vibe:

A pointier toe that lends itself to a slimmer silhouette; Yellowish mid-sole and toecap with a shiny finish that hits the soft spot of all vintage fans; A thicker sole welted to a thicker canvas top with double stitches which add to the overall aesthetic as well as durability; Features the 70s-only all-black tri-star logo, as opposed to the ordinary white logo for other models; Most importantly, it features thicker sole for a 24/7 comfort!

Chuck Taylor All Star 70s are now available at designated Catalog stores and online store.  Act now before it’s gone!

Click here to enter Catalog online store

Source:, dwprtm@instagram

#CONVERSE #CHUCK70S / 11.02.2017


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